Concealed Carry Class & Firearm Training

Whether you want a concealed carry permit or simply want to protect your home and family, these classes are for you.


A concealed weapon permit class consists of approximately 3.5 hours of classroom instruction on all applicable laws, regulations, ownership, use and safety of a firearm.

The concealed weapon permit class also includes hands on training using a number of different handguns used for concealed carry and open carry. Upon completion of this class, client will be able to demonstrate safe usage of a firearm.

I also show a PowerPoint of a program that complies with the State of Florida in order to apply for the Concealed Weapon Permit. I stress firearm safety, legal methods of carry as well as where to carry and where you a prohibited from carrying.

Upon completion of this course, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion which will be required for your application for the concealed carry permit, which is issued by the State of Florida.


I also offer an extended class consisting of extensive live fire at the range with several models of firearms. Personal instruction in all aspects of safety, use and forms for proper weapon handling is also included.