Concealed Carry and Firearm Training in North Port, Florida

Training opportunities for everyone, from beginner to expert.

CCW training courses are a cost-effective way to stay safe, whether you seek a permit to carry concealed or simply want to protect your home and family.


Classroom style training for concealed carry and firearm safety

Classroom instruction covering all applicable laws, regulations, ownership, use and safety of a firearm.


Firearm training at the shooting range

One on one training consisting of extensive live fire at the shooting range with several models of firearms.

What Past Students Are Saying

My wife and I decided to get training of our concealed permit…we were nervous at first but quickly became involved and inquisitive to all aspects of the class. Thomas was very easy to listen too..and a great teacher of his trade…he made things very easy for a novice too feel like a schooled pro…we would recommend this class to any friend or family
– Frank Hutchko, North Port, Florida

I took the course and was very impressed with the knowledge of concealment laws and gun safety that were shared, I recommend for all beginner or advanced persons.
– Robert Schotte, North Port, Florida

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